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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


Can’t get over this.

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Thanks, Howard!

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if you ship wincest then that’s your business but can i kindly, in the most polite way, request that you take a moment to look at your life choices

I did and goddamn were they fabulous.

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It tastes better when you make it.

Lazy Stiles loves getting spoiled. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


It tastes better when you make it.

Lazy Stiles loves getting spoiled. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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in Canada they don’t pronounce Z as "zee"

they pronounce it as "zed" and that is crazy to me

it sounds like they made a typo when they invented it

They do that everywhere in the world that’s not America. We do that here in the UK too.
America is weird man.

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Jared Padalecki as The Winter Soldier and Jensen Ackles as Captain America. My contribution to this month’s Spn art challenge and the theme “Poster Movie Crossover”.

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I want him to turn on Metatron. Not necessarily to help the boys but just because he can. 

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Anonymous asked: You wrote needy bottom Stiles...but what about needy bottom derek?


needy bottom derek who craves praise and attention and gentle hands, who works himself up when he’s alone imagining the weight and heat of someone covering him, taking the breath right out of them with their dick

stiles mistakenly assuming derek wants to top all the time and derek being too shy to ask for them to switch it up, because he likes it when he falls apart, when he feels vulnerable, but he doesnt want to bring it up on his own. not at first. and then one day stiles says something, completely joking if he’s honest with himself, about pounding derek all night long and suddenly derek has to look away because it was just to get a rise out of scott but derek’s breathing gets all heavy and he almost mumbles ‘i wish’ and scott and erica really dont need to know that much about stiles and derek’s sex life

but stiles sort of notices it and erica definitely notices it and the next time they’re making out in stiles’ apartment derek finds himself flipped on to his back and stiles hands are kneading the fuck out of his ass and stiles asks ‘do you want to try butt stuff?’ and if derek weren’t so into the idea of getting fucked by stiles he would make stiles have the talk about not calling it ‘butt stuff’ when they’re about to do butt stuff

but stiles fingers. his fingers. he’s so good that derek feels like he can’t breathe, like he can’t see straight. his skin is on fucking fire and stiles needs to stop licking at his dick because he’s about to blow so hard he’s going to leave nothing but a burned out husk. stiles doesnt really expect derek to want his dick inside him, not at first, but pretty soon derek is begging for it, sucking at stiles’ fingers, saying ‘anything, anything’ over and over and it takes a second for stiles to understand derek isnt telling stiles to do anything he wants, derek is offering to do anything just to get stiles dick.

and whoa, he didn’t see any of this coming, but he’s five seconds away from seeing derek coming with stiles fingers in his ass and that would be hot, but that isnt anything either of them want. it dawns on stiles that derek has definitely done this before, that he probably fingers himself all the time, that he’s most certainly wanted this forever and when stiles finally slides into him the air goes out of his lungs

'oh god, oh thank god, please stiles,' derek is saying in this low, desperate voice and stiles bites his bottom lip as he bottoms out and derek is such a bottom, he's the ultimate bottom, he's the bottomiest bottom to ever bottom and stiles has met jackson whittemore

stiles brushes dereks hair off his forehead with shaky hands and rocks into him slow and deep as he tries to catch his breath and kisses down derek’s throat, wanting to stay there forever, held so close to derek he feels like they’re the same fucking person, derek scratching near-claws down stiles’ back, gasping for breath as his cock leaves pre-come all over everything

and when stiles says, ‘you’re so good derek, i love you so much, so beautiful, i fucking love you’

derek is gone, arching off the bed and crying out and clenching so tight around stiles that it almost hurts and stiles comes almost in relief because he’s been holding back for so long and then after, when they’re both gasping and the sheets are fucking drenched in sweat and lube and come and derek looks like he just woke up in a different century, cheeks all rosy and chest still heaving, fingers caught in the sheets like he’s afraid he’s going to float up to the ceiling. stiles feels like a noodle, like an over cooked noodle that needs six naps and a long bath with epsom salts

"i like butt stuff," derek finally says

stiles snorts and mumbles “i never would have guessed” into derek’s shoulder because he’s already pretty much asleep

damnyounemeton asked: Sheriff Stilinski or Melissa McCall

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I’ll probably reblog this every single time it appears on my dash.


Steve is the real Sleeping Beauty

This is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen… Scar and Loki are perfect.

Ahhh Steve

this is incredible and perfection

Steve is the true sleeping beauty…and scar and loki are perfect……i cant get over Tony stark!!!!! hahaha that was PERFECTION to the max….

Are we not gonna talk about how nick fury is agent bubbles?

STARK IS PERFECTION.  actually, no, all of it is perfection.

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